Studio Policy



Payments can be made by:
Cash, Check, Credit Card, PayPal, Google Pay, Zella,  Apple Pay or Cash App.

Make payments payable to: 

Eric Hall

 Mail to: 2007 Foxmeadow Way, Mitchellville, MD  20721  

Late Payments


 Payments are due in full the first week of the month and are considered late after the seventh.   Late payments will be charged a $15.00 late fee.  I will not teach any student with delinquent bills.  However, you will be charged for any missed classes due to the  delinquency.  Please pay in a timely  manner.  If you do not have a class  scheduled at the beginning of the  month, do not wait until the next  scheduled class to make your payment.  Payments must arrive by the due date to avoid the late fee.  

Bad Checks


 There will be a $15.00 bank fee and a $15.00 late charge added to your bill for a bad check.  Classes can not resume until the bill is paid in cash.  If you write more than two bad checks, I may insist that all future payments are made in cash.  




There are NO REFUNDS for missed lessons.  I will follow the Federal Government for closure on  snow days.  If you miss a lesson due to inclement weather you can use  one of your cancellation days. You may cancel up to 5 days without charge.  Please give advance notice if you intend to cancel.  If not, you will be charged.   



  Lessons can be terminated with a thirty day notice.  The amount of tuition paid will be credited to the cost of the lessons received.  If you have a credit balance, you will be refunded.  If additional tuition is due, you will be billed.